Membership Rates

The Pecan Ridge Outdoor Center invites you to join us in membership and offers a number of different membership options:

There are three categories of regular memberships and two special memberships.

The regular Memberships include:

  •     Fishing
  •     The Rifle and Pistol Ranges
  •     The Clay Range

Membership Rates are as follows:

Individual Annual Memberships                Family Annual Memberships

  • $195 for the first membership                $295 for the fist membership
  • $300 for 2                                                     $450 for 2
  • $425 for 3                                                     $525 for 3

The special memberships include:

  •    Astronomy
  •    Hunting Dog Training

Both are offered as family memberships for $125/year.

A Family Membership is defined as:

  • The member and spouse or significant other, or
  • The member and spouse/SO and up to 3 children aged 22 or less
  • Additional child members may be added at a cost of $40/child.
  • One Blood Related Adult over the age of 22 may be substituted for a child member, i.e. father, mother, etc.