Bird Hunting Year-Round

Join us for game bird and waterfowl hunting during hunting season! All year round, we offer you the opportunity to hunt for quail and pheasants that are raised on site. No membership necessary.

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Pecan Ridge is situated in a fly way that brings several species of waterfowl over and to its seven acre lake during hunting season. It is surrounded by thousands of acres of farm land and in the winter months, thousands of geese visit the neighboring wheat fields. We will hunt no matter what the weather — we are “Quack Addicts” and hope you are too!

For those of you who want to hunt all year round, we raise quail and pheasants on site, so in the off season we are able offer you the opportunity to hunt, as well.

Please call today to schedule a tour or to set up an appointment to hunt.

(214) 402-7836