Pheasant and Chukar Tower Shoot

February 20, 2021 at 8 AM

Come enjoy the fun with only 30 Shooters and 300 birds!  Sign up, First Come First Serve.

Event includes refreshments, adult beverages with catered lunch, one raffle ticket for the prizes, all the birds that you shoot, and a 5 Stand Sporting Clay Shoot at the end of the day.

Prizes include:

 3 – .22 Caliber Heritage Revolvers with a PROC Range Membership

             3 – Sporting Clay Memberships at the Pecan Ridge Outdoor Center

            10 – Boxes of 12 and 20 gauge shot shells

For more info call Ross Jones at 214-402-7836

Dove Hunting

The early part of the Dove Hunting Season runs from September 1 to November 5.

PROC offers day passes for $50 per gun and season passes for $350 per gun.

Get yours now while they last.

If you are a migratory bird hunter, and enjoy the convenience of being able to get to the birds in the flyway without going long distances, this is for you!

We are right here in Scurry in Kaufman County next to all the big corn fields.

Contact Ross Jones at 214-402-7836 for details and visit our about page for a Hunting Permit Form and Liability Waiver.

Here are the links so you don’t have to switch pages.

Clay Shooting and Gun Ranges

Take advantage of Pecan Ridge’s 160-yard rifle range, a 50 yard carbine range and a pistol range!

Pecan Ridge has a 160 yard rifle range, a 50 yard carbine range, and a pistol range next to the rifle range, which are open dawn to dusk for members and their guests. All large and small bore firearms are permitted except .50 caliber and larger. (Fully automatic rifles are not allowed at anytime. Suppressors are allowed with the appropriate ATF registration.)

For clay shooting, we have four automatic, battery-operated clay throwing machines.

These throwing machines are easy to operate and adjust for height, angle, and speed. While the machines are easy to operate, we will provide training. They also come with a long cable attached to a foot pedal so you can practice if you come alone and so you can position them however you wish.

You are also invited to join us for our occasional member Clay Shoots! Our members enjoy the comraderie with other like-minded folk, while having a relaxing down-home day on the range. Check out our calendar for the schedule of dates.

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Families are Welcome! Parents may bring their children 9 years old and older! Younger children may attend and observe but must be accompanied by a legal guardian or parent and are not permitted on the firing line.

Please call today for details and to find out about the benefits of being a member. Or call us to schedule a tour. We look forward to speaking with you.

(214) 402-7836

Safety is our Top Priority. All shooters are expected to be familiar with range/firearm safety and must be able to serve as informal Range Safety Officers (RSO) when on the range. All shooters must pass an NRA safety exam, view safety videos and sign a waiver of liability before participating on the range.  This ensures all shooters are safe and each has had the same safety exam and rules explained to them.

Children also must view safety videos and take the safety exam to ensure they understand the rules of firearm safety. Parents must also sign a waiver on behalf of their children.

During game bird and waterfowl hunting seasons there may be times that use of the range is restricted to ensure the safety and quality of the hunting experiences.

Fishing (Plenty of Big Catches!)

Take advantage of Pecan Ridge’s three lakes!

Whether you are a novice  or  an experienced fisherperson, you are welcome to join us to fish for Largemouth Bass, Crappie, Perch and even some Catfish. There are many 5 pound bass and at least one of our members caught one that was 8 and a half pounds.  And we have multiple reports of a 20 pound catfish!

Fishing is available from sunrise to sunset, except during waterfowl hunting season when access to the lakes may be restricted for safety reasons.

Fishing is catch and release except for times that are designated by PROC management.

Please call today for details and to find out about the benefits of being a member. Or call us to schedule a tour.

(214) 402-7836

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Bird Hunting Year-Round

Join us for game bird and waterfowl hunting during hunting season! All year round, we offer you the opportunity to hunt for quail and pheasants that are raised on site. No membership necessary.

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Pecan Ridge is situated in a fly way that brings several species of waterfowl over and to its seven acre lake during hunting season. It is surrounded by thousands of acres of farm land and in the winter months, thousands of geese visit the neighboring wheat fields. We will hunt no matter what the weather — we are “Quack Addicts” and hope you are too!

For those of you who want to hunt all year round, we raise quail and pheasants on site, so in the off season we are able offer you the opportunity to hunt, as well.

Please call today to schedule a tour or to set up an appointment to hunt.

(214) 402-7836